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Use of trench cutter

In the Netherlands in recent years there have been many incidents involving the use of trench cutters. This is due to the low number of Klic request made with the use of a trench cultivator. Since KLO sees an increase in the use of trench cutters, this industry organization expects more incidents in the future. This could cause damage to cables and pipes, but also that, for example, a gas line could be hit, which could cause enormous damage. The KLO describes it as follows: "Farmers should be alert for pipes and cables under their plots when using a trench fear. With a Klic notification, digging damage can be prevented." This digging damage not only impacts the person who is digging at the time but also has side effects on the entire neighborhood and can even create dangerous situations.

Cables and pipes

Cables and Pipes

KLO goes on to state that it is mandatory for machine excavation of at least 50 centimeters to file a Klic Notification. This limits the chance of excavation damage. You can request such a Klic request via Klic App. We are also happy to explain how the application for a Klic request works. In this way we can prevent excavation damage and work together towards a safe excavation process.

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