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How to submit a Klic request 

You are obliged to do a Klic request if you are going to excavate mechanically. This is required by law (WION Law) and applies to companies and individuals. At Klic App you can directly start with the application of a Klic request with your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Registration is not necessary. However, if you are going to apply for Klic request more often, an account offers certain advantages. After logging in, you can for example purchase credits and view your order history.

Step 1: Select area

Here you can start the Klic request:

After this, select the location of the excavation activities for which you want to receive the Klic request data. When postcode and house number or RD coordinates are entered, an area of 65m x 65m is selected, with the address/coordinate as center. You can customize this area by dragging the points of the quadrangle, up to a maximum of 12 points and a size of 500m x 500m. Are you on the actual excavation location while doing the application? If you allow GPS location services, your location is automatically determined and used for area selection. You can zoom in and out using the +/- button at the bottom right of the map. Once you have selected the correct area, use the 'next' button to proceed with step 2.

Step 2:

First, select the start and end date of the excavation activities. After applying for a Klic request, it remains valid for 20 working days. Select a minimum of 1 up to 6 types of work an add a reference (for you own administration). If you have entered an address at Step 1, this address is automatically displayed at the house connections section. With the + button you can add addresses. If you do not want to receive house connections, please select 'No'. Once you have entered all information regarding the excavation activities, use the 'next' button to proceed with step 3.

Step 3: Your data

Please enter your name, address and if applicable, company name. If you have an account and are signed in, the information that you have provided at registration is automatically filled in. Because we use your email address for delivery of the Klic request, you must enter it twice. This prevents you from entering a possibly incorrect email address. By default, we also inform you via text message when the Klic request is available. You can uncheck this option if you only want to receive an email. You can view the Terms and Conditions by clicking on them and by checking the checkbox, you will accept them. If you are signed in and have a positive credit balance, you can use credits to pay. If you are not signed in or do not have any credits, the ‘other payment methods’ is automatically selected. Once you have entered all information correctly and completely, use the 'next' button to proceed with step 4.

Step 4: Payment

The costs of an application at Klic App are € 40, - (excl. VAT) for one Klic request, including use of the Klic App. If you are not signed or do not have any credits, you will be redirected to the payment provider where you can pay securely via iDeal or creditcard. After selecting the desired payment method and completing the transaction, you will see a notification that your application has been processed successfully. We will email an invoice of your order. If you have an account and were signed in during the application, the order details and billing information can also be found via your profile page.


In 95% of all applications the Klic request is delivered within one working day. The exact delivery time depends on the network operators who have assets (cables, pipes) in the selected area. Once the delivery is completed, you will receive an email and/or text message with a link to the Klic request. You can immediately open it with the Klic App.

More information

More information about (applying for) Klic requests, legislation, careful excavation, Klic App and the Klic App, please check out the Q&A section of this website. Is your question not listed? Please contact us.