KLICAPP does not act on behalf of the Kadaster

Klic request via Kadaster? Upload ZIP file in Klic App viewer

Have you requested Klic request via Kadaster or do you receive them as a subcontractor via your contracter? If so, you can view these Klic requests in the Klic App. You can easily upload the ZIP file via our website and benefit from several advantages. 

>>You can do a ZIP upload here<<

If you already have a Klic request from Kadaster, you can also upload and access it with our Klic viewer. See here how to upload Klic request from Kadaster.

Why view Klic requests in Klic App?

There are several reasons to view Klic requests you have requested via Kadaster or received from the contracter through the Klic App.

  • First, you save time uploading the ZIP files and go for convenience with the most user-friendly KLIC viewer.
  • Secondly, after uploading, you receive the Klic notifications by SMS/E-mail. And you can have this link forwarded by yourself or the system to multiple recipients.
  • Thirdly, the Klic App can be used offline so you can view the Klic requestswithout an internet connection.
  • Fourthly, you do not need to log in to the Klic App and you can make use of handy features such as GPS, digital measuring tape, EV reports and a compact klic overview.
  • Finally, you can easily switch map layers and dimensions off and on, and contact network operators easily from the Klic App.

How to upload ZIP files?

Below is a step-by-step plan for uploading ZIP files. Read a detailed step-by-step plan here, including more information about our features.

Step 1: register and log in to Klic App
If you do not yet have a Klic App account, you will need to register once. After registration, you can log in using the e-mail address and password you provided. After logging in, it is possible to upload the ZIP file in Klic App.

Step 2: Buying credits
After logging in, it is possible to purchase credits.

After uploading a Klic request, ¼ credit will be deducted from your credit balance.

Step 3: Uploading a ZIP file
Via ZIP FILE UPLOAD you can upload the Klic Notification you received from Kadaster. This allows you to use the link from Kdaster's e-mail. Once the upload has been submitted successfully, the credits are updated. the new credit is displayed at CREDITS.

Step 4: View Klic request
An SMS and an e-mail with the link to the Klic request will be sent as soon as the ZIP upload has been successfully processed. You can then view this Klic request in the Klic App.

Download the Klic App on your smartphone or tablet via the Play store (Android) or iTunes store (iOS).

Klic App does not act for or on behalf of Kadaster

A Klic viewer is an application that allows an excavator to view the supplied area information of cables and pipelines. This includes, for example, viewing the location data of cables and pipes under the ground to prevent excavation damage. The Klic App as well as the Kadaster KLIC viewer are 2 separate examples of popular KLIC viewers in the Netherlands. This requirement applies to both private individuals and companies.

Start using the most user-friendly Klic viewer

Klic App is part of GOconnectIT and is the expert in software solutions for cables and pipes under the ground. This is where the Klic App came from. In this Klic App, you can view Klic requests. The data runs through Kdaster. This Klic App is therefore a different environment from the Kadaster Klic Viewer. The Kadaster Klic Viewer is the environment of the Kadaster and here one can view the Klic requests that, for example, has been requested from the Kadaster.

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