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The most user-friendly Klic viewer

The Klic App is the most user-friendly Klic viewer for smartphone and tablet (Android, iOs) with a number of handy features, making Klic notifications easy to view. With the Klic App, users always have all relevant documentation to hand and comply with legal obligations, without paperwork. This helps to prevent excavation damage.

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If you already have a Klic request from Kadaster, you can also upload and access it with our Klic viewer. See here how to upload Klic request from Kadaster.

Why use klic-app.nl and Klic App as Klic viewer?

If you want to request Klic notifications faster, safer and smarter, use Klic App. But even if you already request Klic requests via Kadaster or receive them, from subcontractors. There are several reasons to view Klic requests you have requested via Kadaster or received from subcontractors precisely in the Klic App.

  • First, you save time uploading the ZIP files and go for convenience with the most user-friendly KLIC viewer.
  • Secondly, after uploading, you receive the Klic request by SMS/E-mail. And you can have this link forwarded by yourself or the system to multiple recipients.
  • Thirdly, the Klic App can be used offline so you can view the Klic notifications without an internet connection.
  • Fourthly, you do not need to log in to the Klic App and you can make use of handy features such as GPS, digital measuring tape, EV reports and a compact klic overview.
  • Finally, you can easily switch map layers and dimensions off and on, and contact grid managers easily from the Klic App.

Benefits of most user-friendly Klic viewer

The Klic App supports useful standard features not included in other Klic viewers, such as:

Eis Voorzorg
A Eis Voorzorg is a cable or pipeline that can cause serious damage to third parties. In addition to the standard, the Eis Voorzorg is also listed separately in the Klic App so that extra attention is paid to it. This separate entry states who owns this cable or pipeline and sometimes also what its contents are.

Eis Voorzorg warning
Is there a dangerous cable or pipeline that could cause serious damage? If so, the Klic App always includes a warning about this. Which is good for the safety of people and the environment

Unfortunately, not all data of cables and pipes are always displayed. With the measuring functionality, the location of the cable or pipeline can still be found.

Show networkowner contacts
Would you like to quickly and easily consult the networkoperator of the cable or pipeline? Using the contact button, you can quickly and easily find out the networkperator's contacperson's details and contact him or her directly if necessary.

KLIC Appendix
Not all information is shown on the map; many letters, sketches, etc. are also provided by the network operators. These can be easily and conveniently viewed in the separate attachments button. The desired information can be viewed per network operator.

Location view
The location display shows the exact location of the device on which the Klic App is opened by means of a GPS connection.

Turning data on and off
A lot of data are included, such as who owns the cable or pipeline, dimensions and annotation. By switching these data on and off separately, you create an overview of the busy underground.

What is a Klic viewer?

A Klic viewer is an application that allows an excavator to view the supplied area information of cables and pipelines. This includes, for example, viewing the location data of cables and pipes under the ground to prevent excavation damage. The Klic App as well as the Kadaster Klic viewer are 2 separate examples of popular Klic viewers in the Netherlands. This requirement applies to both private individuals and companies.

Start using the most user-friendly Klic viewer

A Klic request is done in no time and within 1 business day you will receive all the information you need: do a Klic request here.

If you already have a Klic request from Kadaster, you can also upload and access it with our Klic viewer. See here how to upload Klic request from Kadaster.