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Klic App for business and corporate users

Companies are, like private individuals or domestic users, required to submit a Klic request before digging with a machine. This is a legal obligation in the Netherlands. Because of this, there are several contractors, landscapers, utilities, local authorities, excavators, fencing installers or conveyancers who request many Klic requests on an annual basis.

Up to 150 Klic reports per year, you as a company can use the Klic App via this website. But when you do more than 150 Klic requests per year, we have an even better version of our Klic solution: the most extensive, fast and user-friendly way for your complete Klic and safe excavation process.

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Kabels en leidingen

Most widely used CBYD or Klic solution in The Netherlands 

Our total Klic solution offers many advantages for a digital and automated Klic process. You get your own management and overview environment with practical functionalities. For example, you can schedule Klic reports (i.e. work ahead) and assign them to field staff, who can consult the Klic request (offline on the site, anytime and anywhere) with the Klic App.

Recently added: comply with CROW 500 with KLIC APP. The mandatory guideline in the Netherlands that will be enforced from 1 January 2022. Dor use, you can go through the safe excavation process step by step and avoid fines or excavation damage liability.

In addition, there are other functionalities including adding AutoCad, recording deviations, trial trench registration or API connector possibilities.

At the bottom line, you can request Klic requests faster, safer and smarter and handle the safe excavation process.

Klic-Melding zakelijk

Our Klic Solution: Benefits in a nutshell

  • Overview of all projects and Klic requests
  • Assign & pre-plan Klic requests, easily make repeat requests
  • Klic requests visible everywhere by (field) employees with the Klic App
  • Comply with legislation (WIBON)
  • CROW500 proof
  • Record the Eis Voorzorg requirement
  • Only use what you need
  • Extensive integration possibilities (API)
  • Fully web-based
  • Safe and stable
  • Easy to use
  • Usable on desktop, Android and iOS

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