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Request a Klic report for these 7 jobs in the garden

The weather is getting nice and you want to get to work in the garden. Quite right! Spring is the time for many handymen to tackle the garden. Possibilities are endless but still there are some things you should pay attention to. Especially when digging in the garden, it is important that you know about the obligation of Klic notification.

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Work in the garden

When you are working underground, it is important to know where cables and pipes are located. Around your house or even in your front or backyard, cables and pipes may have been laid. These only need to be a few centimeters deep and yet they ensure that you have internet, telephony, water, gas or electricity in the street.

Especially during work that involves machinery, the chance of damage to these cables or pipes is high. For example, damage to a wafer-thin fiber optic cable can easily be caused by an excavator or auger.

For work that involves machines and enters the subsurface, you are required by the WIBON Act to submit a Klic report. In other words, this is called machine digging. With machine digging you are obliged to file a Klic report and thereby ask which cables or pipes you may encounter in the area where you want to dig.

This excavation notification is valid for 20 working days because the cables and pipes (location) information can change. There may be relocations, additional cables installed, changes in contact information from network operators or other changes over time.

It is therefore important that you start digging with a valid Klic report, so that you can avoid fines and have up-to-date information, so that for example if something goes wrong, you immediately have the correct information in your pocket.

Read here again the rules for digging in the garden.

Klic notification required for mechanical digging

Klic Notification needed for these 7 jobs

So there are many different jobs you can do in the garden. For the 7 jobs below in your garden you are obliged to do a Klic request:

1. Gardening work
A gardener can come to you or maybe you are a gardener yourself and you are planning to do a garden? Numerous landscaping activities require a Klic notification.

  • Do you want to build a pond or swimming pool? If you are going to dig a hole to build a pond or pool, there is often an excavator around the corner. In this case, you always need Klic notification. Even if you want to dig a pool with a shovel, it may be mandatory (Digging with a shovel no deeper than 40 cm).
  • Paving a terrace or building a path? Even if you are going to clear a path or dig out a terrace, often a mini-excavator can help you. No matter how deep or shallow it is, if you are from digging into the subsoil, you are required to file an excavation report.
  • Building a fence or fencing? A beautiful fence, double post or authentic wooden. It can be a functional if stylish addition to the garden. When machine striking posts or drilling holes in the ground, you need an excavation notification.
  • Building an overhang? You also need a Klic notification for the poles of the canopy that might go into the ground and you use an auger or pole rammer. This also applies to any foundations you may need to excavate to remodel the existing canopy.

2. Felling trees

When digging up trees, the entire tree, both above and below ground, is removed by the tree digger. The tree roots and stump are thus also removed.

To reach the tree roots and stump properly, you have to dig into the ground. Especially with slightly larger trees, you need machines to get this done. So if you are going to work with mechanical tree lifting machines or using stump grinders, you are required to file a Klic report.

So will you be digging near trees? Then pay attention to these tips for digging near trees.

3. Dig a well

Especially recently it has become increasingly popular to dig a well. With a water well you can raise groundwater by means of a water pump. This water can be used for irrigation of the garden, the water supply for stables or as a water supply in a playground or vegetable garden.

A well is drilled. You need an excavation permit to drill a well.

4. Drainage

With drainage in the garden, puddles or other forms of flooding will soon be a thing of the past. To lay the drainage, you make trenches in the garden. If you make these trenches with an excavator, you are required to submit a Klic report.

Even if the trenches for the drainage are dug by hand, it is still convenient to file an excavation notification. Digging deeper than 40 centimeters manually is mandatory anyway. But in addition, to be able to work more safely, it is handy if you have a Klic notification digitally in your pocket.

5. Digging in the garden trampoline

Maybe it's on the to-do list for this spring: digging in a trampoline in the garden. Fun for the kids, but for you as a handyman, it can be a tough job.

If you get the help of an excavator when digging in a trampoline, a Klic request is required.

6. Installing shoring

A wattle fence basically functions as a fence for the water and acts as bank protection and against soil calving.

Installing shoring involves piles and sheet piling. If you machine drill the holes for these piles, use pile rammer for striking or sheet piles are vibrated in then you are required to file an excavation report.

7. Garden plowing

Most people would rather not do it, plowing the garden. It may not be the most fun job in the garden, but it is still wise to do it.

You can get help here from machines such as a tiller. You can work the soil of your garden with a tiller. By using this machine, the soil of your garden becomes loose. This tiller is also sometimes called a garden tiller. Here it is also important to start a Klic request in advance.

digging as a domestic user

Prevent digging damage with the help of Klic-melding

In short, whatever work you are going to carry out with a machine in the subsoil of the garden: a Klic notification (even on your own property) is mandatory to get started. This is mandatory under the WIBON Act.

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