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Excavation damage prevention, how do you do it?

Everyone notices. The Dutch ground is becoming increasingly crowded.

The dependence on energy and telecom networks is increasing. However, excavation damage leads to repair costs, financial damage, nuisance and possible safety consequences. It is therefore important to prevent excavation damage to cables and pipes. Technology is an indispensable tool in preventing excavation damage. With the Klic App, data provided by the Land Registry becomes accessible for smartphone and tablet (Android, iOs, Windows). This makes it easy to dig safely.

Safe digging

You prevent excavation damage by using the Klic App. Use the Klic App at the dig site, and see where you are in the Klic App using GPS. You can turn certain map layers on and off with one push of a button. Also, you can use the digital measuring tape to easily determine distance. Is a precautionary requirement applicable? A notification informs you immediately. View attachments quickly and easily, or contact a network operator directly. With the Klic App, relevant documentation is at hand and you comply with legal obligations, without paperwork. Start today with proven technology, and prevent excavation damage.

Watch the video below for an explanation of the Klic App or read more about how it works here.