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5 things you didn't know about Klic reports 

There are some parts about Klic reports that are daily occurrences for some. But suppose it is the first time you are going to do machine digging, then you will come across the term Klic report. Therefore, here are 5 things you may not have known then about Klic report.

1) Meaning of a Klic request 

A Klic request is a report you request prior to digging. This report (also called excavation report) is required by law when you start digging with a machine. Once you have asked for a Klic report, you will receive information about the underground utility at a location. You can access this data through KLIC APP.

2) Abbreviation of Klic request

KLIC stands for Kabels en Leidingen Informatie Centrum. KLIC (Kabels en Leidingen informatiecentrum) used to be a national foundation of cable and pipeline operators. Currently, it is the term used for excavation reports.

3) Klic request is mandatory

Mandatory? Yes definitely! Even since October 1, 2008 already. As of October 1, 2008, the Klic request is mandatory for all mechanical excavation work. Previously, a paper version or .pdf was sufficient. But as of April 1, 2021, it is mandatory to be able to view the Klic report completely digitally at the excavation site with a Klic viewer.

4) Klic request for in the backyard

Also in your backyard or other private property you are obliged to make a Klic request. This is described in the WIBON Act. As long as you are going to dig mechanically, you are obliged everywhere (both public space and your own property) to file a Klic report. This applies to private individuals and to business groundworkers.

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5) House connections

With a Klic report you can indicate that you also want to receive the house connection of the excavation site. The house connection is a separate drawing (sketch) of how a property is connected to a network operator's services.

A network operator is not obliged to provide house connections. Not even when you have explicitly indicated during the application that you want to receive them.

However, a number of network operators do provide house connections if you ask for them. But if they are not shown on the drawing, they may have been sent separately. With KLIC APP you can view the house connections through the menu option 'Attachments' in the KLIC APP.

In case the house connections have not been sent along, but you would like to receive this information, please contact the relevant network operator.