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How deep is frost in the ground after frost days?

The depth of frost in the ground after frost days varies depending on several factors such as location, soil type, and weather conditions. Generally, the frost depth increases as the number of frost days increases. In colder regions with harsh winter conditions, the frost depth can reach several feet deep.

It's essential to consider the depth of frost in the ground when carrying out construction or excavation work during the winter months. Digging below the frost line can cause structural damage to buildings and other structures, as well as damage to underground utility lines.

After a few frost days, frost can be up to about 20 centimeters into the ground. This depends on the type of soil. In particular, the wetness plays a role. The rule applies: the wetter the soil, the deeper it freezes. For example, frost often pulls deeper into the ground in Flevoland than in Limburg. Next to that in areas with colder temperatures and longer frost periods, the depth of frost can reach up to a foot deep.

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