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How deep is a high-pressure gas pipeline?

The depth at which a high-pressure gas line is laid can vary depending on several factors such as location, type of gas line and environmental conditions. Generally, however, a high-pressure gas line is laid deep enough in the ground to prevent it from being damaged during excavation work.

The depth of the pipeline is also affected by the terrain. For example, if the pipeline crosses a watercourse or is laid through a rock formation, it may need to be buried deeper to prevent damage from erosion or rockfalls.

The prescribed depth of a high-pressure gas pipeline is at least 0.80 cm deep to 1 meter. There are standards and practical guidelines about the mandatory depth of different types of pipelines, in this case the NEN 1078 and the worksheets NPR 3378. Is the high-pressure gas pipe at a completely different depth? Then you can always contact the network operator.

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