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How deep can you dig in your own garden?

You are not allowed to dig as deep as you want in your own garden. If you are going to dig mechanically (i.e. use an excavator), you are obliged to make an excavation report, for example at Klic-app.nl. If you have done this at least 3 working days and a maximum of 20 in advance, you may carefully start digging. There is no maximum depth to which you may dig in your own garden in the law book.

However, it is important to take into account the presence of cables and pipes. These cables and pipes are often located at a depth of at least 30 centimeters to a maximum of several meters underground. It is therefore wise to find out in advance at what depth the cables and pipes are located. 

In conclusion, the depth to which you can dig in your own garden without special permission or permits is generally 30 cm. If you need to dig deeper for landscaping, fencing, or other purposes, you need to obtain a Klic report and take precautions to avoid damaging underground utilities.

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